Fish yourself a present and lots of other benefits too! If you are good at fishing, you’ll have a big advantage at our establishment in the run up to Christmas! This applies in particular on Tuesday 6 December. On this day, we want to celebrate St. Nicholas Day together with or male and many female guests. You can look forward to excitement and eroticism with elements such as a crackling log fire and inviting atmosphere, which is sure to leave you in FKK Artemis with deep impressions and a warm, Christmassy feeling.

Fish yourself a present from the Christmas tree and allow yourself to experience the wonder: become one with wellness and eroticism and enjoy your own winter adventure in the FKK CLUB Artemis at Halenseestrasse 32–36!

Forget your everyday life, the hum-drum, the hopelessness. Go the whole hog!

Enjoy everything that your heart and body desires. At FKK Artemis, it’s all within your grasp. Catch it for yourself! There’s no Bah Humbug here, and there are treats for everyone!

It’s you who takes the initiative here. At Artemis, nobody cares if you’ve been naughty or nice. The important thing here is variety, since that’s exactly what we want. And uppermost for us the opportunity for our customers to relax and the empathy of our female club guests for classy eroticism – we want to make both available to you with our offerings.

Enjoy the company of the attractive companions, have a drink together at the bar, spend time together with a partner and go on a tour of discovery through the FKK Artemis. If you’re in the mood for relaxation, you’ll find the ideal conditions with sauna, swimming pool, massages and much more. If you prefer some action, you’ll be able to fulfil this desire too in the greatest variety (and the most attractive) of ways. No matter what you want to do, it will all become a wonderful reality at the FKK Artemis!

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